Treatment for Arthritis Painkillers


Treatment for Arthritis Pain 

Treatment for arthritis pain has been sought after by many for many years for various types of arthritis. Are you seeking a remedy for arthritis? Are you tired or do you know someone who’s tired of the aggravating pain of arthritis? Do you or they seriously desire a remedy that truly works to relieve the pain? Not only relieve the pain, though, could possibly lead to a cure of arthritis? Is it even possible to cure arthritis and get rid of its aggravating pains permanently? Well, answer to these questions and more can be found–just keep reading.

Homeopathy is a Top Treatment For Arthritis Pain

The best way to get cured from Arthritis with no possibility of side effects is Homeopathy treatment. Getting the right homeopathy medicine for arthritis can remove the patient’s stiffness and pain in joints effectively. Homeopathy treatment for Arthritis pain gives relief within a short period of time and is a long lasting cure compared to other treatments. Homeopathic treatment requires completing the doses of medicine as prescribe by a homeopath or physician.  Though, most patients do not obey the homeopath or physician and discontinue treatment after some improvement. The proper homeopathy treatment for arthritis is able to deliver a long-lasting alleviation of stiffness, pain, and swelling like symptoms, in addition to slowing down the worsening of the condition.

Once the patient starts experiencing improvement in his/her conditions, the homeopathic medicines may  be discontinued completely or decreased.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an extremely affordable holistic approach to medicine and is based on the belief that the body can cure itself. In practice, it uses tiny amounts of natural substances, like minerals and plants to stimulate the healing process.

Homeopathy was developed in the late 1700s in Germany. It’s very common in many European countries, though, not quite as popular in the United States.

How Does Homeopathy Work?

Homeopathy is meant to trigger the body’s natural defenses to cure diseases. A basic belief behind homeopathy is that  “like cures like.” In other words, what can  bring on symptoms in a healthy person, can, in a very small doses, treat an illness or disease with similar symptoms.

Red onion, for example, makes your eyes water. This is why red onions are used in homeopathic remedies for allergies, especially in the eyes. Homeopathy treatments for other ailments or diseases are made from all natural substances such as white arsenic, poison ivy, crushed whole bees, and an herb called arnica.

Homeopaths (or homeopathic doctors) weaken these ingredients by adding alcohol or water. As part of a process called “potentization,” they then shake the mixture. Homeopaths believe this step transfers the healing essence. They too believe that the lower the dose, the more powerful the medicine.

Homeopathic medicines come in a variety of forms, such as sugar pellets, tablets, creams liquid drops, oils, and gels.

What is Arthritis? 

Arthritis is a disease causing painful stiffness and inflammation of the joints. Arthritis is assumed as a condition which can only affect elderly people above the age of 50 years. Though, this is not the fact. Arthritis can and does affect many people irrespective of age or gender.

Most Common Types of Arthritis 

There are various types of arthritis like degenerative arthritis such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout or pseudo arthritis, rheumatic arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, septic arthritis, stills disease, reactive arthritis, arthritis from SLE origin, etc. The most common symptoms are stiffness of joint and restriction of movement, in any form of arthritis

Among all types of arthritis, the Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis are the most common types of arthritis. Though, both have different etiological factors.

Common Symptoms and Causes of Arthritis

Generally found in older age groups is Osteoarthritis—a degenerative arthritis where the joints, cartilage, and bones get eroded due to the aging process, history of injury to joint(s), obesity from diabetes, etc. In contrast to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis is an auto immune disease that can occur at any age where the body’s own immune system affects the joints and causes stiffness and inflammation in the joints.

Common signs and symptoms of arthritis are:

  • Stiffness and Pain
  • When walking, patient may hear or experience crunching sounds in joints especially occurs in osteoarthritis
  • Deformities of joints
  • Limited mobility of joint and restriction of movements
  • Swelling
  • Fever and body pain in case of septic and rheumatic

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Homeopathy Medicines Treatment and Primary Remedies for Arthritis Pain & Suffering 

Rhus Toxarthritis symptoms are relieved by motion. Symptoms are worse from sitting or rising from a sitting position, or on first commencing to move; however, continued motion relieves symptoms. The Rhustox arthritis is too relieved by warmth. The approach of storms, cold and damp weather aggravate symptoms. The character of the RhusTox pains is first a soreness and stiffness. There are too drawing, tearing pains, stitches, and even paralyzed sensation. A sudden pain in the back known as “crick” is met with RhustoxRhustox has an especial affinity for the deep muscles of the back—perhaps the most often indicated of any remedy in backache. It is too a remedy for the effects of overexertion, such as wrenches, sprains, etc, being to fibrous tissues.  Rhustox arthritis may appear in any part of the body; though, especially the lower extremities. In summary, Rhustox homeopathy medicine is good to remedy the following:

  1. Backache , sometimes worse from motion
  2. Joint soreness and stiffness and
  3. Joint aggravation when first beginning to move.
  4. Joint aggravation from cold and damp weather.
  5. The relief of all symptoms by warmth

Rhododendron is similar, in that change of weather aggravates.

Aconitum napellus—is a homeopathy remedy helpful for pain and inflammation that comes on suddenly after exposure to cold wind and weather. Patient is likely to feel panicked, fearful, or agitated.

ArnicaArnica CreamArnica Massage Oil—a top homeopathy medicine for chronic arthritis with a feeling of bruised soreness can indicate a need for this remedy. Pain is worse from touch, and may occur in joints that were injured in the past.

Belladonnaa Homeopathy medicine used in sudden flare-ups of arthritis with a sensation of heat and throbbing pain indicate a need for this remedy. The joints look red and inflamed, and the surface may feel hot to the touch.

BryoniaThis homeopathy remedy relieves joint pain improved by staying immobile and applying pressure.

Calcarea phosphorica—This homeopathy medicine relieves soreness and stiffness of the joints, worse from drafts and cold, may be relieved by this remedy. Tiredness and arching in the bones are common, and the patient feels worse from exertion. Bone-spurs or calcium deposits may develop, especially in the neck. A strong desire for travel,  a feeling of dissatisfaction, and or a change of circumstances are often seen in individuals who need this remedy.

Ledum palustrea homeopathy remedy for Arthritis that starts in lower joints and extends to higher ones. Inflammation and pain often begin in the toes and spread up through the ankles and knees. The joints may be very swollen and make cracking sounds.  Cold applications bring relief to both the swelling and the pain.

Pulsatillaa Homeopathy remedy for Arthritis pain that moves unpredictably from one joint to another. The knees and hips are often affected, and pain may be felt in the heels, as well. Symptoms are better from cold applications and open air and are worse from warmth. A patient who needs this remedy often changeable and moody, and usually wants a lot of comforting and attention

Apis mellifica—This homeopathy remedy relieves swollen joints with stinging pain and itching, relieved by cold compresses.

Calcarea carbonicaThis homeopathy remedy is often useful for arthritis in a person who is flabby or overweight, chilly,,

and easily tired by exertion. Soreness and inflammation are worse from dampness and cold, and cramping or weakness in the extremities are often seen.

Caulophyllum thalictroidesThis homeopathy remedy relieves arthritis and rheumatic pain localized in the fingers’ phalanges.

CausticumThis homeopathy remedy relieves joint and arthritis pain with stiffness and feeling that tendons are too short.

Cimicifuga racemosaThis homeopathy remedy relieves cramps and neck pain caused by bad posture and aggravated by humidity and cold.

DulcamaraThis homeopathy remedy relieves joint stiffness and pain triggered by cold and dampness.

Ruta graveolensThis homeopathy remedy relieves Arthritis with a feeling of great lameness and stiffness, worse from damp and cold, and worse from exertion. The capsules of the joints and Tendons may be affected. Arthritis may have developed after overuse, from repeated tear and wear.

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*Homeopathic remedies are generally safe, and the risk of a serious adverse side effect arising from taking these remedies is thought to be slim to none. Most (if not all)  homeopathic remedies are safe to take with other medicines including their own and do not usually interfere with the action of other medicines. So, they can be taken with other medicines.