Homeopathy Medicine A Holistic Approach to Medicine

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Homeopathy Medicine A Holistic  Approach to Natural Medicine

Looking to drink from a true health well? Well, look no further. You found it.  In case you’re still outside the know and would like to know more about homeopathy,  or just looking to expand your search for a more holistic approach to wellness for you and your family (including  pets), continue reading.

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Homeopathy  medicines fall under the umbrella of holistic medicine (which  includes even more alternative treatments, such as flower essence, acupuncture, herbs, and homeopathy) which takes into account the whole patient and not just the sick or injured part. Homeopathy medicine is a very affordable and effective system of medicine approved and regulated by the FDA. These medicines are readily available here online, over-the-counter in drug stores, at homeopathic pharmacies, in grocery stores, and health food stores. Homeopathy is used to treat acute illnesses, such as common colds, allergies, sore throats, ear infections, migraines, and chronic conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, depression, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and autism. 

Unlike, traditional Western medicine (resulting in a bunch of side effects) seeking to treat one illness at a time, Homeopathy medicines and therapies are for the treatment of the whole patient (including those with autism). It treats an individual’s overall mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Seeking to remedy the underlying cause of the illness without common *side effects. Too, it works to optimize health and prevent illnesses. While, chemicals, pollutants, fatigue and poor nutrition are some major sources to avoid that causes disease, illnesses, and other imbalances to the immune system, Homeopathy medicines and therapies purpose is to bring balance and ease to the body, mind, spirit, and emotions so that the whole being functions smoothly and the natural state of the body is regenerated to one of good health; thereby, bringing stability to the whole immune system.

The Main Goal of Homeopathy

There are a variety of disorders and diseases that can be treated in a natural homeopathy way. In a nutshell, this is the principle of homeopathy medicines – to bring at ease and balance to the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. So that your whole being functions smoothly. The principles of homeopathy state that there are three possible outcomes of treatment palliation, suppression and cure:

  • Palliation means to alleviate symptoms only; which is usually done in modern treatments (such as how aspirin treats pain and not the cause of the pain). In palliation – the medicine needs to be repeated often. Thus, feeding “ Big Pharma” a trillion dollar industry – a political modern prescription medicine house that treats only the symptoms and not the whole individual or the cause; thus, causing the patient to have to come back for more and more prescription drugs (day after day – a never ending cycle); where  after each flare up, frequently repeated by the treatment of modern medicines for only the symptoms and not  the treatment for the cause of the illnesses or whole individual.
  • Suppression (in modern medicines) gets rid of specific symptoms, though drives the disease into other chambers of the body while simultaneously denying the body’s natural expression of the original disease. Most times, even after the most troubling symptoms are gone by applying modern treatments  or medicines, the patient feels worse overall.
  • Cure: the goal of homeopathy, means that the body eliminates not just the symptoms but the whole disease, thereby, bringing the whole body to a state of optimum health.

In a nut shell, when an individual seeks homeopathy treatment or medicines for a particular illness, other health issues can improve without direct treatment, by improvement in the performance of the whole immune system, which is the goal of homeopathy medicine.

Your Symptoms are Important




Homeopathy your symptoms are important. They are tools used to monitor the healing process and determine which is the best Homeopathy medicine remedy to use in your case. For example, in modern medicines treating symptoms of skin allergy with steroid drugs, such as prednisone, the patient may find relief from symptoms such as hot spots and itching to be swift, though, once the course of steroids medicine is complete, the original problem returns right back. The skin is in fact the body’s largest and most important organs of detoxification and is usually forgotten in modern medicine treatments in the rush to stomp out the symptoms.

Through modern medicines, the body’s efforts to rid itself of toxins through the skin is ultimately suppressed; thereby, causing the toxins to take another route such as through the respiratory system (resulting in chronic bronchitis, upper respiratory infections, or asthma) and or finding their way into the digestive system (resulting in diarrhea, vomiting, inflammatory bowel disease, and or cancer). Meanwhile, the immune system has been highly suppressed, the kidneys and liver stressed, and the overall health of the person or pet is completely diminished. The homeopathy medicines repertory contains thousands of remedies that have been tested and proven on healthy animals and individuals. In homeopathy, symptoms are important tools, both for determining which Homeopathy remedy is needed in each case and for monitoring the healing process.

A Natural System of Healing

Homeopathy medicines are gentle and completely safe to use for everyone including nursing women. Homeopathy medicines  natural known “remedies” are made from minerals and plant based substances. Specifically, homeopathy is a natural system of healing that works with your body to restore itself, relieve symptoms, improve and restore your overall health. When used as directed and while given in extremely small doses they do not cause side effects. (I.e. they are commonly without the side effects of many traditional and modern medications). 


Homeopathy has been around and made good use of for more than 200 years. Based on Aristotle’s theory that “like cures like.” (e.g. ipecac in large doses will cause salivation, nausea and vomiting in a healthy person. homeopathic (minute doses) of ipecac can cure those same symptoms in a sick patient. That is the principle of Homeopathy to use the “minimum” doses or highly diluted (potentized) and shaken (succussed), which eliminates toxic effects of the natural substances of plants and minerals. As mentioned earlier, Homeopathy medicines are gentle and completely safe to use for everyone (including adults, small children, infants, nursing and pregnant women, and pets).

Homeopathy Care for Pets

Now you know Homeopathy is not only a treatment for people but also a treatment  and benefit for our paw 🐾 friends and other pet friends,  as well.  For anyone looking for a more organic approach to caring for your pets (Such as dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits), Homeopathy can too support your pet’s health as well. Homeopathic Care for Dogs and cats is similarly to Homeopathy care for people; it is a type of holistic or natural system for healing and works to eliminate the underlying imbalance in your pet’s body that causes unwanted symptoms ranging (from minor skin irritations, ear infections and allergies to diarrhea and vomiting). In homeopathy, health is defined as not just the absence of symptoms, but the prevention of symptoms as well; a feeling of well-being and vitality. So, while our sick pets can’t speak  in words, they will demonstrate through physical behavior changes and symptoms they are just not feeling well. Note any changes in your pet’s behavior from what he or she normally does is perhaps a reason to seek Homeopathy care. Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and natural system of healing for pets (e.g. birds, dogs and cats) as well.


In conclusion, Homeopathy medicines have been  around and made good use of for more than 200 Years. It is a type of holistic medicine used to treat acute illnesses in both humans and pets. It is very affordable and made from natural substances. It is extremely safe to use, gentle and commonly without side effects* when used as directed) even with very small children, nursing and pregnant mothers. It’s a natural healing system that works with your whole body, mind, and spirit to relieve symptoms of depression, stress, and other acute illnesses like the common cold, chronic conditions such as ear infections, migraines, arthritis, asthma, and autism to improve overall health. 

Whereas, modern medicines are highly focused on suppressing the symptoms of disease, not curing its cause. Yet, symptoms are the body’s way of trying to return to a state of balance. When modern treatments suppress symptoms with surgery and or medicines, this may drive a disease even deeper. It may result in different symptoms (from all the side effects of the modern medicines) or often results in a more serious set of symptoms to pop up, while the original underlying imbalance or disease remains. The goal of Homeopathy is improvement in the performance of the whole immune system, thereby leading to a cure.

Yes, I like to drink from the True Health Well of Homeopathy and enjoy life’s journeys pain free with a Homeopathy approach to health. If you would like to do the same, have any questions or just want to chat about Homeopathy (from your and or my perspective), please feel free to contact me (via comments below) or at my email below. Until then, enjoy the True Health Well experience.

Please Note: To purchase any of the homeopathy medicines for treatments below,  go to the menu and click on the treatment page for your specific disease  and then on its medicines listed on that page and it will re-direct you to a vendor. If you have any questions about any of the information herein, medicines listed or have any feedback about any of the  items listed that you’d like to share for their treatment, that you have tried out or any other questions about homeopathy medicines, pleased feel  free to  leave your feedback, comments or questions below. I plan to look at all your comments and or questions and provide a response shortly. Hopefully, within 24 hours, if not sooner. 




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Disclaimer: Please consult a professional medical doctor or physician (for people) or a veterinarian (for pets) to treat conditions that are life-threatening or more serious. I’m not a doctor or homeopath; therefore, I can not give you medical advice. Please consult  a Homeopath for more  medical treatment or advise on Homeopathy medicines 

*Homeopathic remedies are generally safe, and the risk of a serious adverse side effect arising from taking these remedies is thought to be slim to none. Most (if not all)  homeopathic remedies are safe to take with other medicines including their own and do not usually interfere with the action of other medicines. So, they can be taken with other medicines. 


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